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Engaging contexts and citizenship skills: Steps towards an ‘engagement paradigm’

What do we mean by ‘engagement’? Answering this question is a challenge in a fast- changing social world – a challenge which must be addressed through education […]. ‘Engagement’ in the context of building citizenship skills is better defined as a ‘feeling of belonging,’ a condition that enables mutual recognition, responsibility and freedom… [A]renas for dialogue, co-design and the sharing of experiences among adults should be promoted to enable the problematization of practices and behaviours as well as the quest for coherence among different points of view, cultures and values. This plural, collaborative and dialogical environment is necessary for younger generations to flourish, one which holds an invitation to build the communities of tomorrow.

Simeone D, Aglieri M, Amadini M, Cadei L, Locatelli R, Raccagni D, Serrelli E, Solesin L, Bonometti S (2020). Engaging contexts and citizenship skills: Steps towards an ‘engagement paradigm’. In Humanistic futures of learning – Perspectives from UNESCO Chairs and UNITWIN Networks, UNESCO, Paris, pp. 78-81. ISBN 978-92-3-100369-1