Narrazione: Scienze, Metodi e Poetiche (specialization course, 2nd edition)

I teach in this specialization course at the University of Milano Bicocca. Look for more information on Presentazione Il corso si rivolge a tutti coloro che intendano approfondire nello studio e soprattutto nella pratica, ovvero nell’esperienza, gli aspetti formativi della narrazione nei suoi risvolti riflessivi, progettuali e prospettivi ma soprattutto operativi. Il corso si […]

Cloud Computing and Research

Gestire la propria banca dati bibliografica. Mendeley è un sistema di gestione di articoli scientifici, che permette la catalogazione di file (di qualunque formato), il reperimento automatico di metadati, l’impaginazione delle citazioni e molto altro. Offre inoltre una pagina pubblica sul web in cui mantenere aggiornato il proprio curriculum accademico. La partecipazione è libera. Alla […]

Welcome to my brand new website!

This is my new website. It is already full of materials that were migrated from the former platform. Please be patient if the migration is not completed, yet: each and every publication or talk/lab is going to have a dedicated post. You can navigate chronologically from the Publications page or from the Talks, Labs, Seminars page; otherwise, from […]

Lasting Teachings from Gregory Bateson

Abstract: Gregory Bateson’s thinking is an enduring source of renovation for our thinking. The deep effects of his writings are here exemplified by four key-words from his philosophical vocabulary: CREATURE, MAP, METAPHOR, and GRACE. The movements correlated with this key-words are explored in the different fields of pedagogy, biographical research, philosophy, natural sciences, psychological care. […]

Visualizing Macroevolution

The adaptive landscape is an important diagrammatic concept that was conceived in population genetics. During the Modern Synthesis, in the first half of the Twentieth Century, the landscape imagery was used to represent evolution on a large scale, aiding in the construction of a common language for a new evolutionary biology. Not only historic adaptive […]

Cultural Traits and Multidisciplinary Dialogue

…We have walked on a fine line: the notion of a cultural trait is interesting because it has something to say to many sciences, but, paradoxically, also because it generates harsh conflicts on top scientific journals more and more frequently. Historical linguistics and cultural evolution are two of many fields where these clashes happen, and […]


Bio-Techno-Practice is an International and Interdisciplinary Laboratory devoted to the analysis of concepts emerging from science with philosophical, cultural and sociological relevance, and gathers researchers (scientists and philosophers) from different countries and universities. This allows foreseeing future trends for research and investments by focusing on the convergences among life and human sciences, physics and engineering. BTP […]

The goals and conditions of successful interdisciplinarity

In this conceptual analysis, we argue that the contemporary popularity of interdisciplinarity should be complemented by a deeper, critical reflection on its goals and on the conditions for its success. The goal of producing a surplus of knowledge should be interpreted as the production of new ways of thinking, and leave recognizable traces in the […]

Ambiente e società. Appendice XXI Secolo

2014: scientific coordinator, together with Andrea Romano, of the volume Ambiente e società. Appendice XXI Secolo, Torino: UTET Grandi Opere (scientific director Telmo Pievani), out in September 2014. We solicited, supervised, and revised to publication 28 chapters by major Italian and International authors on many topics concerning environmental challenges and sustainability.

Interdisciplinary Workshop on Robustness

Goal of the workshop is to rise relevant questions as well as to encourage interdisciplinary discussions surrounding the topic of Robustness. 2014, October 14 (09.30) – 16 (17.30) Location Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma Via Álvaro del Portillo, 21 00128 Roma Programme October 14th 09:30 – 10.30  Plenary Session – Gerald H. Pollack 11.00 – […]