Italian Videos on Evolution

From 2009 to 2013 I was the referring person for the YouTube channel of Pikaia – Il portale dell’evoluzione, the most important evolutionary web portal for an Italian audience. Not only was my task to cut, convert and upload videos of Darwin Days from a multiplicity of formats, I also made interviews and original videos, from shoot to editing and finalization.

Here are some of the products I am most proud of. All the others can be found on PikaiaChannel. Most of them are organized in Playlists.

Darwin 1809-2009: la Mostra Internazionale su Pikaia (parte 1):

Rudy Costa – Cronobiologia – Le Interviste di Pikaia:

Luis Ronse de Craene – Evolution of flowers – Evolution Day 2012 (synthesis on Pikaia):

Cristina Menta – Suolo in evoluzione – Evolution Day 2012 (synthesis on Pikaia):

Peter Stevens – I paradossi della coevoluzione piante-insetti – Evolution Day 2012 (synthesis on Pikaia):

Youth in a Foreign Country


When we enter new contexts, we bring with us a nice suitcase, full of important “pieces” of the places where we have been. This is even more evident in the big passages of life, when all our luggage must be immersed in the new situation and – after some shaking – opened and poured on the new bed. Every piece can be taken as it is and put in the wardrobe, or we may also find a new place or use for it. Moreover, we may throw something away because it becomes useless – but often we don’t get rid of anything, and making a kind of show we actually hide it under the bed: after all, we are attached to it, and furthermore, you never know…

Look for it in the Publications page (with additional links):

Serrelli E (2009). Il giovane in comunità: crescere lontano dalla propria famiglia, il rapporto con gli adulti e coi coetanei. In Colombo F, ed., Ospitalità familiare e nuovi bisogni sociali: Il Bed & Breakfast Protetto per i giovani in difficoltà. Milano: Franco Angeli, pp. 207-216. ISBN13 9788856806663 []

The Coral of Life

Charles Darwin began to draw “trees of life” in 1837 (Notebook B, sheet 26), 22 years before The Origin of Species, as soon as he got back from his voyage around the world on the Beagle. The “great mass of sparse facts” that he had been gathering and thinking for some years had convinced him that all species could be in relationship with one another, by virtue of ancestors that lived in the past…

Pievani T, Serrelli E (2009). Il corallo della vita. In Charles Darwin: L’evoluzione della vita, monografia de Il Calendario del Popolo, anno 65, n. 741. Milano: Teti Editore pp. 3-4. ISSN 0393-3741 []