Cloud Computing and Research

Gestire la propria banca dati bibliografica. Mendeley è un sistema di gestione di articoli scientifici, che permette la catalogazione di file (di qualunque formato), il reperimento automatico di metadati, l’impaginazione delle citazioni e molto altro. Offre inoltre una pagina pubblica sul web in cui mantenere aggiornato il proprio curriculum accademico. La partecipazione è libera. Alla […]

Lasting Teachings from Gregory Bateson

Abstract: Gregory Bateson’s thinking is an enduring source of renovation for our thinking. The deep effects of his writings are here exemplified by four key-words from his philosophical vocabulary: CREATURE, MAP, METAPHOR, and GRACE. The movements correlated with this key-words are explored in the different fields of pedagogy, biographical research, philosophy, natural sciences, psychological care. […]

The goals and conditions of successful interdisciplinarity

In this conceptual analysis, we argue that the contemporary popularity of interdisciplinarity should be complemented by a deeper, critical reflection on its goals and on the conditions for its success. The goal of producing a surplus of knowledge should be interpreted as the production of new ways of thinking, and leave recognizable traces in the […]

The importance of fundamental research for innovation

I am interviewed by Paola Manciagli in the important weekly magazine, Oggi, August 7, 2012, p. 60. Article title: “Senza i viaggi spaziali non avremmo il mouse” The idea is that there are many ways, including indirect ones and side-effects, for scientific research to influence our lives. We shouldn’t take technological innovations as the paradigm of scientific […]

Action Research in the Library

Ilaria Moroni thanks me in her paper: Moroni I (2011). Action Research in the Library: Method, Experiences, and a Significant Case. Italian Journal of Library and Information Science ( DOI 10.4403/ “Credits for English translation to Emanuele Serrelli, Postdoc, “Riccardo Massa” Department of Human Sciences, University of Milano-Bicocca” (p. 4702E-24). Thanks to Ilaria for her […]