Cultural Traits and Multidisciplinary Dialogue

…We have walked on a fine line: the notion of a cultural trait is interesting because it has something to say to many sciences, but, paradoxically, also because it generates harsh conflicts on top scientific journals more and more frequently. Historical linguistics and cultural evolution are two of many fields where these clashes happen, and […]

Boundaries, foundation, and physics of Babel: the interdisciplinary study of language

If, by ‘Babel’, we mean the set languages that have appeared in the world, we may want to research the ‘boundaries of Babel’ by asking whether the expansion of Babel is prevented (i.e., whether unobserved languages are impossible languages), and, if so, by which factors. The boundaries of Babel are being explored by partnerships of […]

Tracing traits in linguistics, economics, and evolutionary biology. An interdisciplinary workshop

CISEPS – Center for Interdisciplinary Studies in Economics, Psychology and Social Sciences Tracing traits in linguistics, economics, and evolutionary biology. An interdisciplinary workshop Federica Da Milano, Linguist, University of Milano Bicocca Nicoletta Puddu, Linguist, University of Cagliari Fabrizio Panebianco, Economist, University of Milano Bicocca Emanuele Serrelli, Philosopher of Biology, University of Milano Bicocca Thursday, December […]

Tree and network models in San Francisco

Emanuele Serrelli co-organizes with Nathalie Gontier the session “Tree and network models of micro- and macroevolution” at the 2012 Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association (November 14-18, 2012). Developing from phylogenetic methodologies in evolutionary biology, the session examines how cultural trees and networks are composed differently (which data are used to compose trees and […]

Adaptive vs exaptive in the evolution of human language

The poster was presented by Irene Berra. Human articulate language doesn’t involve clearly distinguishable structures and substructures but shows distributed functions. Clues coming from brain comparative studies and neuroimaging point out that cortical structures and connections have been re-functionalized during the evolution of primates and hominids, due to their plasticity and learning capacity. But also […]

Evolution Day. Nature and culture

Is culture natural? Language and reading as an example A public conference and a conference for high-school students on biological and cultural evolution. In collaboration with City Museums of Como, Centro Filippo Buonarroti, and Pikaia webportal on evolution. Look for it in the Talks page (with additional links): 2012, Feb 9 (h.10.30 and 14.30) – […]