International Meeting “Evolutionary Theory: A Hierarchical Perspective”

Presentation of: Eldredge N, Pievani T, Serrelli E, Tëmkin I, eds. (2016). Evolutionary Theory: A Hierarchical Perspective. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. With Telmo Pievani, Ilya Tëmkin, Warren D. Allmon, Gregory Cooper, T. Ryan Gregory, Stefan Linquist, William Miller III, Mihaela Pavlicev, Andrea Parravicini, Francesco Suman, Alejandro Fabregas Tejeda. Organized by: The Hierarchy Group Venues: […]

Evolutionary Theory: A Hierarchical Perspective

OUT NOW! Eldredge N, Pievani T, Serrelli E, Tëmkin I, eds. (2016). Evolutionary Theory: A Hierarchical Perspective. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. See: link on Publisher’s site Reviewed in Science by B. Autzen: Autzen, B., 2016. Leveling up. Science, 353(6307), pp.1505–1505. doi: 10.1126/science.aah6873 Presented in Washington D.C. and Annandale, VA, September 22-23, 2016

Macroevolution: Explanation, Interpretation, Evidence

OUT NOW!!! Provides a unique multidisciplinary approach to understand macroevolution Presents state of the art scientific methodologies Written by international experts from different fields This book is divided in two parts, the first of which shows how, beyond paleontology and systematics, macroevolutionary theories apply key insights from ecology and biogeography, developmental biology, biophysics, molecular phylogenetics, […]

Evolution: Selfish Genes or Universal Cooperation?

Life has been evolving on Earth for billions years. Explaining evolution drives scientists towards entities that are far from our everyday experience. We will ask: are organisms vehicles for their genes competing “egoistically” and incessantly with each other to be replicated in future generations? Is there an “Earth system” that maintains equlibrium through the birth, […]

Language and Imagination in Teaching Education

I am interviewed by Manuela Campanelli in the online version of the important Italian national newspaper,, February 19, 2014. Article title: “I ragazzi e i misteri dell’evoluzione «È un po’ come i Pokemon?» Usare i linguaggi e l’immaginazione dei più giovani per avvicinarli nel modo corretto a concetti scientifici complessi“. Read it on Academia.


“Evo-comix” talk by Marcello Sala and Emanuele Serrelli, at the 2014 Darwin Day, February 12 @ Museo di Storia Naturale, Milan. Date/Time: Wed, February 12, 2014 9:00 AM Location: Museo di Storia Naturale di Milano Corso Venezia 55 Milano Details: Evolution is everywhere. Do we actually realize it? Can we distinguish its effects? Can we […]

Evolution: all in the family

Look for this teaching material on La vita sulla Terra è una grande famiglia allargata. Noi esseri umani siamo davvero imparentati non soltanto con ogni essere vivente del mondo, ma anche con ogni essere mai vissuto sulla Terra. Lo stand “Evoluzione: tutti in famiglia” dà la possibilità a ogni visitatore di scegliere un organismo […]

A new look at the Extended Evolutionary Synthesis

I present the initiatives, papers, and ideas of Pigliucci, Müller, and others, who are proposing an Extended Evolutionary Synthesis (EES). I then advance some reasons for concern raised by those claims, including uncertainties in timing, historical inaccuracies, lack of a theoretical structure, arbitrariness and instability of the included concepts, stereotypical characterization of the Modern Synthesis, […]

Interviews at the Lisbon Summer School on Evolution

These interviews were conducted at the 2013 International Summer School on Evolution which was organized by the Applied Evolutionary Epistemology Lab in collaboration with Ciência Viva, and held at Ciência Viva’s Pavilion of Knowledge in Lisbon, Portugal. In the following first video I was interviewed on Philosophy of Biology, the Extended Synthesis, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Niche Construction, […]