Welcome to my brand new website!

My door tag at NESCent, July 2014
My door tag at NESCent, July 2014

This is my new website.

It is already full of materials that were migrated from the former platform. Please be patient if the migration is not completed, yet: each and every publication or talk/lab is going to have a dedicated post.

You can navigate chronologically from the Publications page or from the Talks, Labs, Seminars page; otherwise, from the sidebar on your right, you can look for specific kinds of entries (papers, conferences, books, teaching, media, etc.) or navigate by topic with the tag cloud. I will do my best to keep you up to date on my academic activities.

Further below on the right toolbar, you also find a new “Have you seen…?” section that gets updated with news and interesting stuff I run into on the web. The section is linked with my Delicious account.

Stay in tune!