Italian Videos on Evolution

From 2009 to 2013 I was the referring person for the YouTube channel of Pikaia – Il portale dell’evoluzione, the most important evolutionary web portal for an Italian audience. Not only was my task to cut, convert and upload videos of Darwin Days from a multiplicity of formats, I also made interviews and original videos, from shoot to editing and finalization.

Here are some of the products I am most proud of. All the others can be found on PikaiaChannel. Most of them are organized in Playlists.

Darwin 1809-2009: la Mostra Internazionale su Pikaia (parte 1):

Rudy Costa – Cronobiologia – Le Interviste di Pikaia:

Luis Ronse de Craene – Evolution of flowers – Evolution Day 2012 (synthesis on Pikaia):

Cristina Menta – Suolo in evoluzione – Evolution Day 2012 (synthesis on Pikaia):

Peter Stevens – I paradossi della coevoluzione piante-insetti – Evolution Day 2012 (synthesis on Pikaia):