Evolution Symposium Scienza Under 18 Mantova


This symposium on evolution, with about a hundred middle-school kids, included a laboratory activity: they split in subgroups with teachers, and worked out evolutionary hypotheses. Then they presented their hypotheses in plenary session. I opened with some thoughts on evolution, and closed with an extensive commentary of their hypotheses. The symposium took place in the wonderful frame of Abbazia di San Benedetto in Polirone, San Benedetto Po, Mantova.

“La scienza dei ragazzi”, one week later, was an interactive evening lecture with about a hundred kids from the middle schools. I chose Darwinius masillae as a case for posing questions and for simulating the inquiry method with kids.

Thanks especially to prof. Franca Lasagna for her great friendship!

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2009, May 15 (h.AM) – Scienza Under 18, Mantova, IT: Evolution. Symposium.