In the experience of telling, our present expands and our life becomes history. Even when we tell about unicorns and hippogriffs, in the experience of telling we tell ourselves — Bosi (2000) cit. in The narrative encounter, 2015.

Emanuele Serrelli is Professional Counselor, member of AssoCounseling with registry number A1725-2016.

He offers counseling in Brescia, Italy. He specializes in education and in orienting academic, professional and career choices. There are so many personal and family dynamics involved in these aspects of life!

Contact for a first appointment to evaluate together — with no obligation — the case for possible counseling needs.

Professional counseling is an activity whose goal is to improve the quality of life of clients, supporting their strengths and abilities for self-determination.
Counseling provides a space for listening and reflection, in which clients may explore problems related to evolutionary processes, phase transitions, and states of crisis and strengthens the capacity of clients to choose or change.
Counseling is an intervention that uses various methods borrowed from different theoretical orientations. It caters to individuals, families, groups, and institutions. Counseling can be provided in various settings such as private practice, education, health, business — AssoCounseling definition of counseling adopted in 2011