Power and frailty of the human species in deep time

Domenica 21 maggio 2017 a Bollate, dalle 16 alle 18, una “conferenza animata” con Stefano Caserini e Massimo Debernardi. Titolo: “La fragilità della Terra? Potenza e fragilità della specie umana nel tempo profondo”.

International Meeting “Evolutionary Theory: A Hierarchical Perspective”

Presentation of: Eldredge N, Pievani T, Serrelli E, Tëmkin I, eds. (2016). Evolutionary Theory: A Hierarchical Perspective. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. With Telmo Pievani, Ilya Tëmkin, Warren D. Allmon, Gregory Cooper, T. Ryan Gregory, Stefan Linquist, William Miller III, Mihaela Pavlicev, Andrea Parravicini, Francesco Suman, Alejandro Fabregas Tejeda. Organized by: The Hierarchy Group Venues: […]

Catholic Theology and Biology: Origin of Life, Chance and Necessity, and the Place of Homo sapiens in the Living World

A dialogue in four steps between theology and biology, with a particular focus on evolutionary biology. The first meeting will explore the differences and similarities between biological and theological knowledge, calling into play the respective knowledge communities and their own way of “progressing”. We will talk about the necessity of a dialogue, especially from the […]

Evolution: Selfish Genes or Universal Cooperation?

Life has been evolving on Earth for billions years. Explaining evolution drives scientists towards entities that are far from our everyday experience. We will ask: are organisms vehicles for their genes competing “egoistically” and incessantly with each other to be replicated in future generations? Is there an “Earth system” that maintains equlibrium through the birth, […]

Brescia Darwin Day 2014

Dalla presentazione di Michele Piantoni: Chi è l’uomo e chi sono gli esseri viventi? Per rispondere a questa domanda, non possiamo che partire da un personaggio che segna uno spartiacque nella nostra conoscenza su questo argomento, che è Darwin. Esiste una visione dell’Uomo e degli esseri viventi prima di Darwin e una dopo Darwin… Darwin […]


“Evo-comix” talk by Marcello Sala and Emanuele Serrelli, at the 2014 Darwin Day, February 12 @ Museo di Storia Naturale, Milan. Date/Time: Wed, February 12, 2014 9:00 AM Location: Museo di Storia Naturale di Milano Corso Venezia 55 Milano Details: Evolution is everywhere. Do we actually realize it? Can we distinguish its effects? Can we […]

Evolution Symposium Scienza Under 18 Mantova

This symposium on evolution, with about a hundred middle-school kids, included a laboratory activity: they split in subgroups with teachers, and worked out evolutionary hypotheses. Then they presented their hypotheses in plenary session. I opened with some thoughts on evolution, and closed with an extensive commentary of their hypotheses. The symposium took place in the […]