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The Nature of Classification

9780230347922I am cited in John S. Wilkins and Malte C. Ebach’s thoughtful book The Nature of Classification. Relationships and Kinds in the Natural Sciences, 2014.I am grateful to John Wilkins, colleague and friend, for the fascinating conversations we had; to both authors for mentioning my name; and to Alessandro Minelli for pointing out this reference to me. Continue reading The Nature of Classification

Biological Evolution on Display

Elisabetta Falchetti thanks me in her paper:

Falchetti EM (2012). Biological Evolution on Display: an Approach to Evolutionary Issues Through a Museum. Evolution: Education and Outreach 5(1):104-122. DOI 10.1007/s12052-012-0396-z.

“A special thanks to Emanuele Serrelli for his precious critical revision of the manuscript” (p. 121).

Thanks to Elisabetta for her great work and for acknowledging me.

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The importance of fundamental research for innovation

oggi-coverI am interviewed by Paola Manciagli in the important weekly magazine, Oggi, August 7, 2012, p. 60.

Article title: “Senza i viaggi spaziali non avremmo il mouse”

The idea is that there are many ways, including indirect ones and side-effects, for scientific research to influence our lives. We shouldn’t take technological innovations as the paradigm of scientific research.

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Guiding extrapolation from model to target

Monika Piotrowska thanks me in her paper:

Piotrowska M (2012). From humanized mice to human disease: guiding extrapolation from model to target. Biology and Philosophy. DOI 10.1007/s10539-012-9323-5.

“I would like to thank Matt Haber, Anya Plutynski, Emanuele Serrelli, Mike Wilson, Rasmus Winther, members of the audience at ISHPSSB 2011 in Salt Lake City, and the editor of this journal for valuable comments”

Thanks to Monika, great friend and admired colleague.

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Action Research in the Library

Ilaria Moroni thanks me in her paper:

Moroni I (2011). Action Research in the Library: Method, Experiences, and a Significant Case. Italian Journal of Library and Information Science ( DOI 10.4403/

“Credits for English translation to Emanuele Serrelli, Postdoc, “Riccardo Massa” Department of Human Sciences, University of Milano-Bicocca” (p. 4702E-24).

Thanks to Ilaria for her enthusiasm, and for letting me help in this interesting work.

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