The narrative encounter: Tales and fairytales and systemic perspective on helping relationships

Riflessioni Sistemiche 12A new article on the journal Riflessioni Sistemiche, after the ones on “Visions of change in evolutionary biology and education” (2012) and “Evolutionary Biology: Processes and Patterns” (2011).

Serrelli E, Tosini F (2015). L’incontro narrativo: narrazione e fiaba nella relazione d’aiuto a orientamento sistemico. Riflessioni Sistemiche 12 (Jul 2015), “Narrazioni”, pp. 90-102 (online on ISSN 2281-3373

Narrative and systemic perspectives in caring relationships are absolutely complementary under several respects, in spite of some debates that have assumed the contrary. The article explores this topic before illustrating how systemic counseling can employ a peculiar narrative genre: fairytale.

Counseling – caring relationship – narrative therapy – pragmatics of communication – CMM Coordinated Management of Meaning – collective narrative practice